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This week our worship in Celebration Fellowship is concentrating on appreciation for the bountiful gifts he’s given us. We are thankful for being allowed to worship with the church behind bars. We are thankful that our services will start using an overhead projector for the music and scripture reading. We are thankful that the Lord […]

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Prayer for the Impaired

Many in our congregations suffer from mental impairment. Some are in prison because of a lack of impulse control. Others are in prison because they are unable to care for themselves and we have no other institution in which they can be cared for. We lift up these men who need a guiding hand that […]

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Prayer for Parole Boards

Please keep the parole boards in your prayers this week. Their job is difficult. They must try to determine what a person will do in the future and do what they can to keep society safe. They must also work to ensure inmates do not do more time than necessary. Their job is thankless. They do not get […]

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