PRAYER REQUESTS – December 05, 2017

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC.

Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For my wife, children, mother, brother and sister.
  2. That I will be able to return home; for my mom who has cancer to receive healing and renewed strength; safety for my family.
  3. That my sister will be healed; that I will have more open communications with my sister and my family.
  4. That I will continue to have good health; that I will stay in God’s word and follow what it says.
  5. For all those who are homeless, addicted and lost to be able to find God and receive his blessings in life.
  6. That the doctors will be able toi get me on the right medication to heal me from my sickness.
  7. That I will be able to go home to my family and that I will stay on the straight and narrow and follow the rules; blessings for my family.
  8. For wisdom in my writing when I contact the parole board.
  9. That my mom will have a great birthday party and for many more years here on earth.
  10. That my sister will accept Jesus and realize that he has already saved her, even though she is still suffering and sick.
  11. For me to be a good example for others to follow in God’s footsteps.
  12. That I will be able to make good on this weeks prayers and be able to stay focused and live in God’s image.
  13. That my wife and 5 kids will not want or need anything because of God’s amazing blessings; that all of their bills will be paid on time; that my son will control his temper and stop hitting his mom.
  14. For my sister to receive healing after attempting suicide; that my family will be blessed; for all of those in my family who are locked up to receive God’s blessings.
  15. That my wife and kids will continue to talk to me; for my brother and sister to stay in God’s word.
  16. That my dad’s finances will improve; that his health will improve mentally and physically; that he will finally have some piece with his ex-wife.
  17. That my family will be blessed; for patience while I wait for a decision from the parole board.
  18. That God will be with the families of all the terrorist attacks around the word; for healing of all the victims of terrorism, war and violence.
  19. That I will receive forgiveness for all of my sins.
  20. That God will keep my daughter filled with hope and joy as she starts out on a new journey in her life.
  21. That my wife will be able to transfer to 3rd shift; for improvements to my families finances.
  22. That I will receive God’s healing for all of the issues I have in my body right now.
  23. That my dad and brother will receive healing and blessings; that the lord will help all those in need.
  24. For safety as my family travels through South America and my son through California.
  25. Blessings for my family; that my son and daughter will get along and start doing more things together.
  26. For all those who are dealing with natural disasters; for all those in Celebration CRC to find peace and hope in a very broke world.
  27. For all those who feel alone and unwanted during the holiday season.
 Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……