PRAYER REQUESTS – January 02, 2018

Please pray for the following requests:

  1. That I will be guided by the spirit, strengthened by God’s word and forgiven in Jesus’ name; that I will be a better witness to God.
  2. That God will watch over my family and myself.
  3. For my family to have safe travels; that they will start doing more family things together; to read the word more often.
  4. For my family and mom to have peace and happiness; that my back will start feeling better.
  5. That I will get my parole soon.
  6. For a miracle to heal the baby that is fighting for its life in Grand Rapids.
  7. That my friend will receive healing from his tumor.
  8. That AJ will have safe travels out of the country.
  9. For a miracle that my aunt will be able to walk again.
  10. That I will get restoration with my family and children.
  11. That I will be allowed to return home soon and that I can walk out the prison doors a free man.
  12. For more family contact; that my daughter will receive good news after she goes to court.
  13. That God would open up doors of opportunity for me to do service work; for the protection and safety of my family and friends.
  14. For safety for Ricky and Mary.
  15. That we would actually have world peace.
  16. That David and Tanya would be able to work out their differences and stay together; that I will keep the spirit.
  17. That my dad will receive help with his money problems; that he will be able to get the mental health help that he needs and deserves; that my ex-wife and Angie will find peace.
  18. That my family and friends will have a healthy and blessed new year.
  19. That my wife, kids and family will receive love, peace and happiness this year.
  20. That my friends family will receive strength and healing with the loss of a loved one.
  21. That my bunkie will hear from the parole board soon.
  22. For God to give me victory over doubt and fear and that I would fully trust him.
  23. That my family and others would grow closer to God.
  24. For my sisters foot to heal so that she doesn’t need to have an amputation.
  25. That I will have restoration with my son and a chance for a new relationship; for brother P and his family.
  26. For peace in my life.
 Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……