PRAYER REQUESTS – July 18, 2017

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC.

Please pray for the following requests:

  1. That all my enemies will find God’s salvation.
  2. For a fellow brother on the inside to hear from his sister and niece; that the parole board will find my heart to be changed and allow me to return home.
  3. That you will give Pastor Andy and his family safe travel and ease in the transition that they have taken on in a new church in California; that God will show me and my family his calling and what path he wants us to follow.
  4. That my family will open their hears and become believers.
  5. For Joy’s whole body to be healed and that God will show her peace and comfort.
  6. That God will protect all the members and volunteers of Celebration Fellowship, there families and all Christians around the world.
  7. For God to bring healing and strength to brother Roger.
  8. That my mom will be able to find work so that she can get caught up on her overdue bills and that she will be able to keep a roof over her head and food on her table.
  9. That Mark will receive healing and strength after a serious motorcycle accident.
  10. For God to show us all the path he wants us to follow and leads us in the works he wants us to do in his name.
  11. That I will have a clear mind in my upcoming decisions.
  12. For wisdom and understanding of God’s word.
  13. That I will get regular visits and mail from my family and friends.
  14. For the CF Search Committee as they look far and wide to find a new pastor to fill our vacancy.
  15. That God will help my son to become closer with his mom and they will both grow closer to God and renew their faith.
  16. That my bunkies pending case will be dismissed and that he will be able to return home to his family.
  17. That the Lord will bless Tonya and her family and that I will be able to return home soon to them all.
  18. That God will touch Stephanie with his healing hands and that she may continue to serve God in the ways he sees fit.
  19. For forgiveness and healing that Patrick and his girlfriend will stay together and work on their differences; that my nephew will open his eyes and heart and accept Jesus; for God’s protection of my nephew who is overseas in the Army; that I will get a favorable parole report and be allowed to return home to my family and friends.
  20. That God will give me deliverance, strength, guidance, understanding, forgiveness, love, peace, patience and wisdom to live a Christian life.
  21. That I will receive spiritual growth and wisdom and that the Lord will give me deliverance and understanding from the hands of my enemies.
  22. For the Lord to touch my brother’s heart and cast out all of the anger and bitterness that is controlling and destroying his life.
  23. For all of those seeking the Lord to find their way and accept his love and forgiveness and that their hearts will be filled with love.
  24. That I will get communications and visits from my dad, brothers, sister and niece.
  25. That God will provide me with strength and leadership for the crooked path that I am on.
  26. PRAISE REPORT: Dave had a successful surgery and is now recovering well.
 Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……