PRAYER REQUESTS – October 17, 2017

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC.

Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For the salvation and recovery of all those effected by the hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes and the shooting.
  2. For blessings and wisdom the newly installed pastor for CF CRC, all the volunteers, chaplain and staff.
  3. That the units at IBC will live in peace and stop the violence.
  4. For healing and recovery for Sam, Mr. Carr, brother White and all those in need of a miracle.
  5. That brother Morton will fill his heart and mind with the God’s word and stop using his ungodly mouth.
  6. For safety of all those in minister; for all of our family and friends.
  7. That brother Pennington will keep his faith and not give up.
  8. That Chaz will get a good job and a stable place to live for his parole.
  9. That God will bring healing and full recovery to my Aunt Angie and Harry; for the christian church to grow and become stronger.
  10. That I will receive a favorable answer from the parole board and that I will get to return home to my family.
  11. For more love in the world.
  12. That I will continue to grow and learn and get better in my MSOP class.
  13. That I will have a good hearing with the parole board; that my family will have safe travel.
  14. That God’s light will shine on my family; for God’s saving grace on me.
  15. For God to help me be who he planned for me to be and not who I want to be.
  16. That I will hear from family and outside friends.
  17. That my anger issues will be taken away; that everyone who treats me wrong will be blessed and forgiven; that my faith, hope and love will be strengthened; that God will help me move the mountain that stands in front of me.
  18. For my son Mo and my friend Tim to receive Gods wisdom.
  19. That my family will stay safe and receive God’s blessings.
  20. That God will strengthen me in all that I am going through.
  21. For me to stay strong in faith and resist the devil.
  22. That the Lord will keep me on my path and help me from straying.
  23. For my bunkie who has an infection and medical can’t figure it out.
  24. That Josh and Larry will get their paroles; for Terry’s family to find strength after the loss of his sister and dealing with his grandma’s cancer diagnosis.
  25. That brother Michael will adjust to Level 1 housing.
  26. That Dennis will be healed and recover from his heart surgery.
  27. For all of the victims, families and first responders involved in the recent disasters in the US and around the world.
  28. PRAISE REPORT: I have been blessed that my mom has agreed to allow me to start writing to her after 4-years. I will finally get the chance to explain my actions to her.
 Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……