PRAYER REQUESTS – October 24, 2017

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC.

Please pray for the following requests:

  1. That the Lord will be with me when I leave prison.
  2. For God to open my moms heart and forgive me and for her to come and visit; that my dad will have a safe trip when he comes to visit me; that my dad will get a promotion at work to help him financially.
  3. That God will heal my grandma as she is fighting cancer; for my mom to have determination and focus as she starts her new business.
  4. That my fellow brothers will be blessed in their walk with God.
  5. That brother Dwayne will calm down and become accustomed to his new surrounding and stay out of trouble.
  6. That all of the brothers on the inside will grow in Gods word everyday.
  7. That God will cleanse my heart and take away my sins.
  8. That the Lord will help me to resist temptation and become closer to God.
  9. For me to receive my parole and be able to return home to be with my family and friends.
  10. That Jessica will be able to get an apartment and her kids wont be put into foster care.
  11. That God will keep my family safe and blessed with all there needs.
  12. For freedom from prison; that I will be able to get more family support; that I will be able to find a woman to have a relationship with and hopefully become my wife.
  13. That I will make more time to be in Gods word and to make God a priority in my life.
 Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……