PRAYER REQUESTS – September 12, 2017

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC.

Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For my wife Liz to come closer to God and His Son; for my family and the guys on the inside.
  2. For our brothers to fix their focus; for my uncle Bob to get his health better and to beat his cancer and recover; for everyone on the yard to be filled with the Holy Spirit; for my family and friends that God watches over them and protects them.
  3. For me to stay focused on going home and leaving this prison stuff behind and to walk in the light.
  4. That I will overcome my stronghold and remove my burdens.
  5. For my family to stay strong in the faith.
  6. For the church to come into their rightful position and grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus.
  7. That the brothers will be prepared for their upcoming parole board hearings; that God will touch my wife’s heart and mind and give her the strength to quit smoking.
  8. That the new members will continue to co,e to church and that they will find peace and comfort in Gods grace.
  9. For all those affected by the hurricane; that God will open the heart and mind of the AG and that I will receive a favorable answer to my court ruling; for my family and my sister to be able to move back to Idaho; that God will heal the infection in my moms leg.
  10. That God will be able to get into Darow’s life more and help him build his faith.
  11. For God to continue to build my faith and understanding of his word.
  12. For my friends that were recently transferred to another prison; that God will be more of an influence in my family’s lives.
  13. That God will make my family’s life a little easier.
  14. That Chang will get a good job and find a safe place to live.
  15. For brother Pennington to keep the faith and not give up on God.
  16. For safety for all those in the ministry and for all my family members.
  17. That brother Martin will fill his heart and mind with the word.
  18. For the newly installed pastor and all of the volunteers that serve God.
  19. That God will heal Sam, brother White, Mr. Car, and all those in the med-line.
  20. That I will be able to rebuild my relationship with my brother; for my grandma who is recovering and hopefully will be able to go home in a few weeks.
  21. That the lawsuits against me and my family will be dropped; that God will watch over my family and children; that I will be able to return home soon.
  22. For God to build my faith as I am struggling.
  23. For a speedy recovery after my surgery and that it wont have any effect on my Calvin College classes.
  24. That my kids will be given back to their mother.
  25. That my wife will receive grace and that she will walk in Gods grace.
  26. That I will hear from my daughter who I havent had a relationship with in over 17-years.
 Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……