PRAYER REQUESTS – September 26, 2017

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC.

Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For my friends family that lost a family member last week.
  2. For God to continue to heal my uncle; that God will watch over my family and children.
  3. That my mom will have a full recovery from her hip replacement; that my dads shoulder will continue to heal; for all of those effected by the hurricanes, flooding and the fires ou west.
  4. For all of the homeless in our country; that all the brothers will come back to the church when they get off sanctions; that the Holy Spirit will bring more into the fold of the Christian church.
  5. For my friend that is struggling with life issues and that she will come to know the Lord.
  6. That my brother will be able to fight his severe depression; that God will find it in his heart to have mercy on me and give me a positive outcome on my appeals hearing.
  7. That God will bless me and bring me through my hearing in a positive light.
  8. That God will set a path for my brother to follow as he is dealing with some bad times in his life.
  9. That I will receive a parole; that my mom and dad had a relaxing vacation and a safe trip home.
  10. For grace, mercy and peace for all of the brothers that will be seeing the parole board soon.
  11. That God will provide a job for my wife so that she can get bills caught up.
  12. That God will open the heart and mind of a fellow brother that is lost and searching for a higher power.
  13. That my psychological exam will be completed son so that I can see the parole board on time.
  14. For my sisters health as she has been hospitalized several times lately.
  15. That God will open my heart, mind and eyes and that I will spend more time in his word
  16. That the Lord will bring peace and healing to my parents who just went through a divorce.
  17. For my bunkie that just lost his mom.
  18. That those who are being transferred will find their new location and their place in the new prison.
  19. For peace and healing in the world; that I will be able to be released and return home to my family and friends.
  20. That God will strengthen me when im weak and pick me up when I fall.
  21. For all the victims of the recent hurricanes, earthquakes and fires, that God will bring them peace, strength and healing.
  22. That God will soften my moms heart and she will start to write to me again; for my family to have the blessing of the Lord.
  23. For healing and strength of all those involved in the recent shootings across the US.
  24. That God will heal me from the disease that is in my body; that I will make amends to all the people I have harmed and injured in the past.
  25. That I will receive a positive response from the parole board and if I don’t, that I will accept there response and look forward to my next chance to get a parole.
  26. For God to strengthen my walk in his word.
  27. For my friend and his daughter to find God’s blessings.
  28. That my mom will receive healing after the loss of her best friend of 40-years.
  29. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for my freedom; for my mom getting all she needs; that my brothers are all doing well; for every blessing that I receive each and everyday.
 Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……