Inside Volunteer

Inside Volunteer

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Celebration Fellowship volunteers are considered active members of the congregation, not just guests or observers. Volunteer commitments range from weekly, monthly, to every other month. The time commitment requires driving to the prison in Ionia, where processing at Bellamy Creek or Handlon begins around 6 PM.  Once inside the prison, we meet and greet the brothers as they enter around 6:30 PM and begin a one-hour small-group Bible study led by members of a revolving inmate leadership team. After a short break, we gather for a 50 minute worship service.

Up to 15 volunteers members are allowed in each service and are scheduled at least one month in advance of the week’s service. However, adjustments are easily made for any personal situation that may interfere with the scheduled participation.

Currently, services are held at Handlon Correctional Facility (MTU) on Monday evenings and at Bellamy Creek (IBC) on Tuesday evenings. Volunteer members are required to fill out a background check LIEN form (direct link to forms) and, once cleared, go through a one-hour orientation at the respective facility prior to participation in the CF services. Please note that MTU and IBC have their own LIEN forms, so select which evening you wish to volunteer and fill out the corresponding form: MTU on Monday and IBC on Tuesday. 

Although volunteers can be cleared at both prison facilities, you will have to go through an orientation at each of the respective facilities.  Please send your completed forms to: Char Dykema, 9668 Bennett SE, Lowell, MI 49331 or email to:

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